AFI Inclusive Fintech Showcase

The AFI Inclusive Fintech Showcase offers a platform for auspicious Fintech (Financial Technology) and Regtech (Regulatory Technology) innovators that are supposed to enhance access and the quality of formal financial services for the people who have below-average/low income in emerging markets and developing countries.

If you are a financial technology or regulatory technology innovator and if your technology helps the population with below-average/low income then AFI needs you to be a part of its Showcase. AFI (Alliance for Financial Inclusion) is the chief organization that has a significant hold on financial inclusion policy and regulation that enables policymakers to gain access and usage of quality financial services to those who are supplied with insufficient services.

The FinTech Showcase winner in 2020, Hildaa Mora (Pezesha Founder and CEO) remarks, “I hope that my participation and winning will encourage more young women to participate in the next showcase and also to believe that it’s possible to pitch among many, many other solutions and still come out a winner. I’m really grateful for this particular opportunity, which I hope will drive a lot of inspiration among young people out there across Africa.

Something to Know about AFI Inclusive Fintech Showcase

The innovators in the financial services sector will be assisted by the Fintech Showcase program and they will also be engaged with government ministries to shape a course of fiscal policy in emerging and developing market economies. Other Fintech entrepreneurs will also be benefited from this policy.

Eligibility for AFI Inclusive Fintech Showcase 2022

An eligibility criterion for the AFI Inclusive Fintech Showcase 2022 is given below:

  • The solution or product has the potential for ensuring commercial workability.
  • Those who have just started up may enter the program.
  • The established technology companies and financial institutions with technology and innovation that focus to deliver financial services and struggle to challenge the traditional methods.  
  • The solution or product functions with one or more AFI members’ authoritative rights.
  • The solution or product utilizes cutting-edge technology to enable meaningful dialogue with regulatory communities and financial policymakers.

How to Apply

The applicants who are interested in the AFI Inclusive Fintech Showcase should download the application form and the completed applications should be submitted to before 17th December 2021.

The independent committee of experts with the aid of technical specialists will be authorized to select the finalists.

What They Look for

  • They look for solutions for the effective responses to COVID-19 crises and recovery of target groups i.e. youth entrepreneurs, disabled persons, rural population, medium, small and micro enterprises, forcibly displaced persons.
  • They look for the transformation of digital payments i.e. cross-border payments, digital payments/transfers.
  • They look for the solutions for financial resilience i.e. digital financial literacy, adaptation to climate change, financial health, SupTech/ RegTech.


The finalists in the first, second and third positions will get:

  • The opportunity to participate for one year in AFI private-public dialogue activities.
  • One year (complimentary) membership at the LHoFT.
  • The invitation to participate in GPF (AFI Global Policy Forum-Jordan) in 2022.

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