Nigeria Jubilee Follows Programme – How to apply

The Nigeria Jubilee Follows programme by the government is rolling out a program to support people. Who needs to return to school or training after being out of the workforce for some time? There are many reasons why someone might want to retrain or re-enter the workforce. But in some cases, it’s because they need to make a career change.

The Nigerian government offers incentives to businesses and employers. The purpose is to help them find people to fill these vacancies. It is called the Nigerian Jubilee Follows Programme. It aims to create employment opportunities for the unemployed. They believe that Nigerians need jobs and opportunities. Additionally, there should be a plan for the future.

Providing chances for Nigerian university graduates. The Nigeria Jubilee Follows programme (NJFP) is a youth empowerment partnership effort. Among the Federal Government of Nigeria and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Unemployment is on the rise, and the COVID-19 epidemic impacts the capacity of young Nigerians to obtain employment. The programme aims to connect bright graduates with local work opportunities. These opportunities allow them to put their talents and knowledge. To use while also providing essential world-class skills and applicable skills to help them succeed in their careers. It makes no difference whether you have no previous work experience!

What is the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme, and why is it important?

Another trend among programs and initiatives is to need some advanced preparation. It takes place from candidates or decreases the entry barrier in terms of the types of possibilities that are accessible. NJFP does the inverse, inviting competent applicants worldwide to compete on an equal playing field. However, without sacrificing the reputation of the companies that will host successful Fellows.

If you have been following the news, you know that the Nigerian economy is struggling to recover. The Nigerian government is doing its best to stabilize the economy and create new jobs. But there are still many challenges that remain with these challenges given opportunity to create economic opportunities for Nigerians.

To increase jobs and help the economy in Nigeria, the Nigerian government has launched a programme called “Nigeria Jubilee Follows” (NJF). This programme will create 5 million jobs over five years and implement them in stages. The first stage was launched in May 2018 and covered eight states in the North of the country.

The initiative will be available throughout Nigeria – from North to South and from East to West. That ensures both organizations and children from all parts of the nation can participate.

The Nigeria Jubilee Follows programme (NJFP) Requirements

Nigerian citizens are required:

  • Graduate (Bachelor’s Degree) from an authentic university no earlier than 2017 with a degree from any academic discipline.
  • Applicants must be 30 years old at the time of their application.
  • At this time, not employed in any way, shape, or form.
  • Hold either completed or have a certificate of release from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).
  • Show your interest in and devotion to the job field you’ve selected.
  • Show a desire and a willingness to help Nigeria’s economy grow.
  • Maintain professional behavior and strong time management skills.
  • Possess excellent communication abilities, both orally and in writing.
  • Those who have completed graduation from a university or tertiary institution in Nigeria. It should be no earlier than 2017 are considered recent Nigerian graduates. A person’s age cannot exceed thirty. The obligatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) must have been fulfilled.

The Nigeria Jubilee Follows programme and How to Apply for It.

Applications for the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programmeme by the Federal Government (FG) through a portal developed by the ministry. Suppose you are interested in applying.

On-the-job youth empowerment training is provided through the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme. A 12-month collaboration project between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

In the context of rising worldwide levels of unemployment, the Fellows aims to close the gap. This gap is among young graduates and the human resource demands of organizations. On that job market by linking talented Nigerian youngsters with local employment possibilities.


This programme aimed to improve 20,000 highly trained Nigerian youth. It is in large and small organizations of varying sizes and all industries. The programme seeks to range from 20,000 highly qualified Nigerian youth in large and small organizations across the country.


A 12-month, fully-paid programme aimed to improve their employability by developing leadership abilities and transferring on-the-job knowledge and experience.

Fellows interested in starting their own business will have gained valuable experience and expertise while working on their current projects. It means that fellows will be more prepared to compete for positions in the future. Due to them having new on-the-job skills & competencies and an alumni network that you may utilize.

Salary of Nigeria Jubilee Follows programme (NJFP)

The Nigerian government has set aside ₦100,000 the pay to the applicants who are a part of the NJFP. You will pay the amount to those who reach the target. Even if you do, you have to pay for your transport. Fellows will receive an additional stipend in addition to their fellowship fees and expenses. For the first year, NJFP can handle it.

How to log in or register NJFP?

If you have not already done so, first and foremost, you should visit their website and tap on the option that says “apply now.” If one is already not registered, log in with the user name and password. Otherwise, registration is a must to acquire. Registration is easy and takes only a few minutes. They will ask for your essential details as you need to submit your authentic information.

The advantages of the Nigeria Jubilee Follows programme (NJFP)

According to their interests and those aligned with the host organization, fellows will be paired with host organizations.

  • NJFP will provide them with a stipend every month.
  • After their active participation in the Fellowship, the Jubilee Fellow will have three straightforward options to choose from:
  • High-achieving Jubilee Fellows may be offered permanent employment by their host organizations after completing their Fellowship.
  • Fellows with entrepreneurial intentions would have gained the necessary knowledge and skills on the job. They will be able to apply as they seek other opportunities in the future.
  • Fellows are best placed and prepared to compete for future access employment and employment prospects. It is due to their recently acquired on-the-job skills and competencies. Moreover, it also includes experience, exposure, and robust networking opportunities that you can exploit.

Organizations that serve as hosts.

Fellows should be given a meaningful employment opportunity for twelve months. During which they should expect to do significant work. An evaluation process for various organizations will conduct before the sign-up process.

In what ways does joining the NJFP benefit a company or organization?

Cost savings realize because there are no human resources agencies, advertising charges, or lengthy triple-round interview procedures. In this case, the NJFP is on the case!

Increased productivity– Having access to an extensive range of highly qualified applicants with innovative abilities. That is relevant to your organization will assist you in increasing the productivity of your team. A more diverse pool of highly skilled people.

The enhancement of your social responsibility efforts and your dedication to giving back to the community. It will be done through participation in the programme. You will help you establish a more favorable brand image for your company.

You will enlarge the NJFP network of global and subnational corporate and public sector organizations. And you will have access to a larger pool of seasoned, employable young Nigerian experts to draw upon as a result of your participation.

Access to a political stage for thoughtful public policy reform talks on education, employment, and pertinent industry. Policy concerns will give you more influence in the political sphere. Increased Policy Influence

Participation Possibilities

Employers in both the commercial and public sectors can participate in the programme. Participation can be through three primary areas of involvement. They are not necessarily exclusive. Companies encourage to participate as collaborators in more than one of the areas to identify.

Provision of an enduring, fully compensated placement opportunity for Fellow(s) for one year.

Contribute to the fellows’ professional development by providing professional direction, thematic and industry expertise. Moreover, you can also offer skill enhancement opportunities through mentoring, coaching, and e-learning.

Donate cash or material resources to the programme to make a positive contribution (stipend to the fellows, insurance, IT equipment, etc.).

Fellows have certain benefits.

We are questioning the conventional wisdom that you can only find world-class possibilities outside our country’s borders.

The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme’s goal is to give the next generation of leaders the skills and resources. So, they’ll need to shape the future of their country.

In contrast, some programs and initiatives frequently require candidates to meet some prerequisites in advance. At the same time, it may be to lower the entrance bar in terms of the types of changes that are available. The New Jersey Fellowship Programme (NJFP) performs the inverse by accepting qualified applicants from across the playing field. While not jeopardizing the reputation of businesses that will host successful Fellows.

A scheme to employ Nigerians as part of the Nigeria Jubilee Follows programme.

A fellowship programme state the Nigerian jubilee fellowship programme was begun by the president of Nigeria, President Muhamadu Buhari. It was to provide social opportunities for 20,000 graduates per year.

He promised the potential candidates that you would offer enough mentorship from professionals to support the kids following his speech.

Furthermore, he stated that the programme would serve as a fantastic network for Nigerian teenagers. And allowing them to obtain valuable work experience in various industries. While also developing talents they can apply to the greater good.

Additionally, the president stated,

“by concentrating on job creation and remaining persistent in realizing creative ideas, the general economy experienced a 5 percent rise in the second quarter of 2021, the highest recorded in six years.”

We must assure Nigerians that their participation in the Nigerian Jubilee Fellowship Programme will succeed.

His list of main drivers of financial growth and asset allocation in the second quarter. These include telecommunications, transportation, electricity, agriculture, and manufacturing. He stated that willing youths could use their skills to actualize such an aim. It will undoubtedly promote economic growth and result in the creation of employment opportunities.

The announcement by President Buhari

President Buhari announced that you would support it with 75 billion Naira to sustain the Ministry of Youth and Sports youth. The president also encourages more eligible Nigerians to enroll in the system. It was aimed to expose them to a broader range of opportunities in the country.

Additionally, he stated that the jobless investigate the problem and commit to addressing the issue. Because the past schemes had successfully turned the Nigerian youth into productive members of society.

The minister also called on all qualified applicants. Who submit applications for the scheme and businesses and other groups to assist by offering jobs, mentorship programs, and sponsorship to those who qualify for them.

“These graduates welcome to work in agriculture, health, and educational institutions across the country,” the president a statement.

There is also a non-graduate component to the N-power programme. Which gives thousands or even millions of Nigerians skills in technology, masonry and auto repairs, and woodwork. It signifies that there are many chances available to any qualified candidates.


Nigeria is one of the most diverse economies in the world. In recent years, there has been tremendous growth in agriculture and tourism. The Nigerian economy is gradually growing at a rate of 2.4%, which is the highest level of development since.

But with the economic growth comes opportunities for those who want to take part. Suppose you have an interest in learning more about the options available. You can apply for the Nigeria Jubilee Follows programme.

Taking advantage of the scheme will not be a horrible idea if you believe you can meet the standards and are eligible. It will also be advantageous.

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