WIN Women in News – Social Impact Reporting Initiative for Climate Crisis Coverage

WAN IRFA is a world association of Newspapers and News publishers. On the occasion of the ‘World News Day’, it has declared an invitation for the women journalists, already attached to the organization WAN IRFA (WIN) Women in News, to apply for an assignment grant to cover the effects of climate change upon the susceptible population in their communities. WAN IRFA is looking forward to a special edition of individual assignments through SIRI (Social Impact Reporting Initiative) for the climate crisis coverage.

The project of SIRI (Social Impact Reporting Initiative) not only highlights the bad impact of climate change upon the vulnerable but also is a great financial help, for the time being, for women journalists.

The current situation reveals that many journalists and organizations have received SIRI grants. More or less 3,300 articles have been originated and many of them have been published. SIRI climate change assignments should focus on climate change and its impact on vulnerable masses. Articles should be balanced and must not show gender bias. WAN IRFA will publish the articles in the World News Day compilation or individuals may self-publish.

Articles may be produced in various languages

No specific language is a prerequisite. Individuals have 8 weeks duration to accomplish the task.


Individuals’ Qualification;

Grant is available for those women journalists who are out of the stream of regular income. The journalists, who have lost their contracts or lost their jobs or freelancers, are qualified for the sponsorship for reporting assignments. Women journalists who receive salaries or have full-time reporting contracts cannot apply.

Eligible Countries;

Women journalists from the countries given below are eligible to apply;

Southeast Asia: The Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam.

Arabian Region: Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon.

Africa: South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Somalia.

How successful applicants receive funds;

If you are having a bank account that accepts USD and Euro then you can receive funds. Funds are not sent through western union or any other money transfer facility/services. The bank account ought to be in the applicant’s name.


How much can you apply for?

Women Journalists may apply for a grant for the assignment from Euro 3,000. The requested amount by any journalist reveals the scope and strength of an assignment.

What sorts of assignments can be proposed?

Any kind of story, serial of a story or stories, report or feature film can be proposed in any format e.g. podcast, print or video, etc. Four stories can be minimally produced.

WAN IRFA (WIN) Women in News – Social Impact Reporting Initiative (SIRI) entertain assignments that cover climate crisis.

The major theme of the assignments should be the climate Crisis and its impact on local and national level upon economic, social, and health conditions of the vulnerable population in region definable in terms of age, sex, race, belief system, geography, social, and economical status.

Important Note

  • You cannot request any equipment or hardware because other expenses i.e. Personal Protective Equipment, Local transport, data purchases are already included in the proposed assignment fees.
  • You can apply for the assignment even if you are already a recipient of the SIRI assignment. Because this is a special edition of the SIRI (Social Impact Reporting Initiative).
  • For the secure submission of assignments, you will be assisted by the organization.
  • The last date of application is, 31st October 2021.  

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